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AlexandraJAlexandra J

Gym Director

I have been working at The Little Gym as Gym Director since 2004.

I have had the chance to expand my experience in other Gyms in Belgium (TLG Wavre and TLG Uccle) before coming back to the one I cherish most : Wez.

Sharing my life together with Pierre (Gym Owner of TLG Wezembeek, TLG Uccle and TLG Wavre) for the last 10 years and mother of 3 children (Eliott, 12 years, Victor, 5 years and Rose, 2 years), The Little Gym has become a family adventure!

It is always with great pleasure to sit on the red mat every week and sharing with the parents and children the satisfaction and enjoyement of doing gymnastics and moving while respecting everyone’s rhythm and personality.

The development of child ‘s self confidence in a safe, secure and friendly environment and the well being of my staff is my personal goal as Gym director.

Marie-PierreTMarie-Pierre T


I have been at The Little Gym Wezembeek since the opening in 2002 . Since then, I have had three children: Madeleine 10 years, Claire 8 years and Martin 6 years.

Very enthousiastic and positive I profoundly believe in this method of positive feed-back that’s helps the child to believe in himself.

The importance of the parent’s role during our sessions and the relation we build with them is extremely important whatever the child’s age is. After all these years, I still appreciate to share with the staff and parents the benefits of our program.

I am a psychometrician at Marie Haps and am convinced that every move (rolling over, jumping,…) which ever it is important for the child’s development.

FredericMFrédéric M


I have always been passionate about sports and I have a degree in physical education. I have started working at The Little Gym in 2005, first in Wavre and since 2012 at Wezembeek.

Time goes flying by and I always take so much pleasure seeing the children progressing day after day in the different classes : Parent/Child, Pre-K or Grade school.

I am father of two children and I see their development on a daily basis so I am convinced of all the well-being that brings The Little Gym especially to help every child to develop the self-confidence.


StephanieVStéphanie V


I have been a coach since August 2013.

I knew quite early that I wanted to work with children at TLG because it corresponds to my beliefs: a professional and friendly place that combines sport and youth; a place where I can answer their demands and be attentive to their needs.

When I was young I was a scout and I enjoyed meeting people, talking, making people laugh and… grilling marshmallows on a nice bon fire!

My work brings me so much everyday : I mostly like helping children outgoing their limits, raising their self-confidence and making them laugh. I also profoundly enjoy imagining stories that they can bring back home.

MartinDMartin D



BenoitCBenoît C


I studied psychomotricity and got my degree in September 2015 and I am currently working at The Little Gym Wezembeek since November 2015.

From the very beginning I was charmed : the happiness of the children we meet every week, and the pleasure I get to see them growing up and learning.

I really appreciate sharing with the parents. And during the parent/child classes, I appreciate the instant and direct communication with them. I also have the chance to live this very special moment a parent and the child have during these classes.

My experience at The Little Gym satisfies me personally and professionally and hope to meet you and your child very soon.